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Miss Priss Polish

How it all started: 
I have been a nail artist for a few years now. I fell in love with nail art and found that it was a great way for me do deal with the stresses of doing my university degree. Over the years I have developed an obsession with indie polishes. I love how unique each polish as well as the love and care that goes into make it. I also admire that the business is often run by one person with a passion. I started making some of my own polishes at home. Mostly for myself. I never really intended to start a business. I enjoyed the process of making polish as much as I enjoy the process of nail art. It made me happy. After awhile I thought that it might make other people happy too (like how I am when I get new polishes). Overall, I believe in doing what make you happy. Doing nail art and sharing my work makes me happy. Making polish also makes me happy, and if I can share some of that happiness and make someone else happy, well that is exactly what I am going to do! 

The name: 
I thought long and hard about what I would name my nail polish brand. I wanted something that had a personal meaning to me, but also suited the girlishness of nail polish. Eventually I came up with the name Miss Priss. Prissy was the name of my beloved horse. She was often called Miss Priss. She was a smart horse, but she didn't always know she was a horse. She was hand raised and was a real character, with plenty of personality. I think the name Miss Priss hits the girly requirement for a nail polish brand, but also has a personal meaning to me. 

Our products: 
All products are made in small batches. This means that there may be some slight differences between batches. I do measure quantities, however I am only human and can't recreate products exactly. 

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