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How I Transformed The Health of My Nails In Just One Week!

I know, it sounds like a cliche marketing title... but it really did work!

I’ve been working on a cuticle oil for awhile now. I've been testing different oils and combinations as well as some online research. I decided on using Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Oil for my cuticle oil blend. I wanted to keep it as simple and natural as possible, while also being as effective as possible. I chose to use Jojoba Oil as it is uniquely similar to the natural sebum that is produced by our skin. This means that it is more easily absorbed by our skin compared to most other emollients. Which means that Jojoba Oil is suitable for sensitive skin! Jojoba Oil is also packed with wonderful vitamins which help to hydrate and improve the health of your skin, such as vitamins A, D, and E, as well as omega 3 and 6. I also chose to add a small dash of Vitamin E Oil to my cuticle oil blend, as Vitamin E Oil is easily absorbed into the skin and is especially good for healing and nourishing dry dry skin, helping to improve elasticity and smoothness.

I found some handy-dandy on-the-go cuticle oil twist pens to use as the packaging and designed some labels too. As everything came together I started to test my sample batch. I used the oil on my cuticles morning and night, lightly massaging it in each time. After just one short week I was amazed that I really could see a difference in the health of my nails and cuticles. I was impressed, especially since I hadn't been taking as much care of my nails and cuticles as I usually do.

I gave one of the cuticle oil pens to mum for her to try (I often joke that I don’t test on animals... I test on mum!). The great thing about my mum is that she is honest, but in a kind, motherly way. So, I actually do trust her opinion, knowing that it's not like a toddler showing their mother a scribbled picture and having my mum respond with gushing positive praise at the master piece that I've created. For this reason I actually get my mum to test things out for me quite regularly. It's good to have someone to provide feedback (and if it's not good feedback, mum always manages to put it nicely). About a week after giving mum the cuticle oil I asked her how often she had been using it and what she thought of it. " I put it in my bag when you first gave it to me, so that I could use it on the go," she started to explain. "But then I was always forgetting that I had it in there. So I ended up putting on my desk at work and I've been remembering to use it a lot more over the past few days. Remember how I had this dry spot here?" Mum showed me the side of her thumb where she had broken a nail about a week before. I immediately noticed the improvement from the last time I had seen her, "Wow," I replied, "Is that from using the cuticle oil?" "Yep!" she smiled and showed me the rest of her nails and cuticles, noting the improvements. So, mum and I had both given the new cuticle oil a thumbs up. I gave out a few other cuticle oil pens from my sample batch to some friends for them to test out, and again, all positive feedback! (By this point I had already ordered more oils, twist pens, and labels.)

It has taken a bit longer than I expected, but my cuticle oil pens are now ready to share with the world!

- Bettina

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