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Limited Edition - Stories Behind the Polish

If you've been keeping an eye on Miss Priss activity this year you may have noticed some limited edition polishes were added to the shop. I didn't make a big fuss about these products being added as there is such a low quantity of each polish available. But I do want to share a little bit of the story or inspiration behind each of these polishes.

I keep a little note book full of ideas, inspiration, combinations and recipes. While needing a little break from the current collection that I was working on I opened up my little note book and decided to create some of the ideas that I never got around to doing.

"Calling Chaos" - This polish has a neon pink watermelon base with two different sizes of matte black dot glitters (I guess it kind of looks like watermelon). This was idea that I had jotted down in my note book long ago. I wanted to combine two opposing colours, something bright and something dark, and bring them together.

"Light In The Dark" - A black jelly base with a rainbow of matte glitter. Another idea from my note book that I never got around to doing. I just love the bright colours exploding through the black base.

"Brightly Illuminated" - A white crelly base with matte neon glitters. I wanted to create this polish a few years ago, back when I released a few other neon polishes (I think that was back in 2020), but I never got around to it... until now.

"Unicorn Poo" - A bright pink crelly base with a rainbow of sparking glitters. This polish was originally created by a child. Back when I did markets, I set up a Custom Creations stations where customers could choose a pre-mixed coloured based and mix it with a glitter combination. It was good fun and, of course, it was particularly popular with kids. One day a little girl created something similar to this polish, and I always wanted to bring it back to life, so here it is!

"Step Aside" - A bright pink base with golden shimmer. An idea for a collection that I had started but never really got around to. When looking at my notes and supplies I realised that I was missing some of the pigment and quantities needed (and I also wasn't feeling another big collection at this time), so instead I made two polishes from the supplies that I had, a pink and a green.

"Passing By" - A green base with golden shimmer. Same as the previous polish, this was going to be one of the polishes in a collection of creme polishes with a golden shimmer finish. But, it ended up being a limited edition along with its pink sister.

"Walk On The Wild Side" - A lavender crelly base with holographic pink micro glitter and matte pink and yellow hex glitters. This polish is actually the result of combining the left overs from two polishes. I think it was back when I created the My Little Pony Collection. After I had poured out the polish mixtures into bottles I had a little bit left over in my mixing bottles (there's always a bit left over), and these two polishes were sitting next to each other and my brain told me that they had to be made into one polish. So I mixed the left over of these two polishes together and got something similar to this. Years later, going through my note book, I found the note from mixing the two polishes together. So, I recreated the mix, touched it up a bit, and here it is!

"Head In the Clouds" - A pink crelly base with matte lavender, pink and white glitters. Now this polish isn't actually a recreated idea from long ago in my note book. This one is a much more recent and is the result of a combination of being left over from a custom creation, along with "Hey, these two polishes would look really cool mixed together!" Basically, what happens when you invite a few friends over (drink some wine) and then everyone gets to create their own polish.

"Burn Book" - A hot pink jelly base with matte pink and purple glitter. I'm not really sure where this one started. I think it was going to be for some kind of collaboration, like What's Indie Box or Indies Down Under, but I'm not really sure which one. Either way, it had to be recreated.

"Spark" - A bight orange jelly base with various sizes of iridescent glitters. This polish was my original prototype for a charity polish back in January 2020 to raise money for people affected by major bushfires that were happening at the time. I ended up going with a red shade for the auction rather than this orange, however I still felt that this polish deserved its own time to shine.

"More Than Words" - A deep burgundy base with a mix of red holographic glitter. This polish was a side note for an adaptation of a similar polish. My favourite colours are dark reds and burgundy shades so when I found this note I wanted to create this shade, even though I try to avoid creating polishes that are similar, I simply love this colour.

"Team of Scientists" - A dark blue jelly base with a colourful mis of matte glitters. This polish was my original prototype for my first ever collaboration which was all the way back in January 2016 for What's Indie Box and the theme was The Big Bang Theory. This polish was inspired by all the main characters together. However, this one didn't turn out as someone else had already created a blue polish for the box and to keep things different and interesting for the customers I changed my inspiration and polish to a green polish inspired by Sheldon. I always loved the idea of this polish, so it had to be included in my recreations.

Creating these polishes was a great opportunity for me to go back to some of the ideas that I never got around to creating. I also really enjoyed creating these polishes in small batches, knowing that was it. No restock, no predicting how many bottles might sell, no collection, just what was made and nothing else. It was kind of refreshing after the big collection that I'd been working on.

What do you think? Which is your favourite out of these polishes? My note book is still full of ideas that I never got around to doing... Should I do some more limited edition polishes like these?


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