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The Princess Ponies Trio

Last year I created a nail polish collection inspired by My Little Pony. But that collection was just the six main characters and one of my friends informed me that I HAD to do the princesses. So I made Princess Celestia and then Princess Luna. I then had to liaise with my friend, as she is the My Little Pony expert after all. "What about Princess Cadance?" she asks me. *Me with a blank stare* "Hu?" Then she dived into what some may call a passionate rant about Princess Cadence and why I had to nail polish based on her. "Ok, a polish on Princess Cadance it is!" And that my friends is how the Princess Ponies Trio was born. I am actually really glad that I ended up doing Princess Cadance as it turned out to be my favourite polish from the trio (and maybe even my favourite out of all the My Little Pony polishes that I've created).

"Princess Cadence" - A silver holographic base with pink micro glitter and medium matte pink and yellow hex glitters.

"Princess Luna" - A silver holographic base with blue and purple micro glitter and medium matte blue and purple hex glitters.

"Princess Celestia" - A sliver and gold holographic base with different sizes of matte blue and mint hex glitters. 

- Bettina

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