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Sweet Almond Oil: A lightweight oil, good for skin.

Organic Shea Butter: A wonderful emollient, especially for dry skin. 

Coconut Oil: Benefits overall skin health.

Bees Wax: Natural beeswax is used as an emulsifier, to help combine all the ingredients together and give the lotion a thicker viscosity. Only a small amount is used so the lotion does not have a waxy texture. 


Made without water, which means no preservatives! NO alcohol! Alcohol is often used in lotions so that they are "fast-absorbing" but are actually drying to your skin, not what you want from a lotion. There are also NO additives or fillers, just 100% natural and wholesome ingredients. 


Due to the low melting point of coconut oil, your lotion will be more firm in colder temperatures and soften when warm. If this happens it will not affect the quality of the lotion. 

Natural Lotion

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